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I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life, but I knew it was for the best. My mother’s illness controlled our lives and now that’s she’s gone, I’m afraid my father will bury himself alongside her. Then he shows up. A connection to my father’s past and my mother’s only remaining family. He may just be the saving grace we need.

My wife and son have been my world for so long, I don’t know how I’ll make it through now that she’s gone. Being strong for Gideon is the only thing I can do. Until my past shows up with an offer I can’t refuse. Feelings I buried long ago threaten to take up residence in my heart once again and shatter the illusion of myself I’ve created.

It’s taken my sister’s death for me to face Bishop after so many years. I’ve never forgotten or given up hope that we’d see each other again. Their son radiates love and innocence that, like a magnet, pulls me in just the same as he does Bishop.

Past mistakes tore us apart, but he is the key to bring us all together. All we need to do is unbury the truths of who we really are. Previously published in the Another Family Affair Anthology.